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Day 43: Marianna to Quincy (53 miles) April 29

Hello EST!! ⏰ It’s good to be back in the “east coast girls” time zone!

Today was a relatively short 52 miles. I was still tired from yesterday's 92 miles. There just isn’t enough recovery time for me after long rides. And I’m sure I’m not alone!

Half of the route was okay with decent shoulders, but the other half was rough road, no shoulders, and way too much traffic for comfort.

The weather cooperated. It was a slightly overcast day which kept the temperature in the 70s. We could see rain falling in the distance, but no precipitation hit any of the riders.

The big moment of the day was when we crossed the Apalachicola River and into the Eastern Time Zone. I’m happy to report that my Garmin, iPhone and Apple Watch all changed at the same time! We lost an hour but I’m ok with that!

89 miles tomorrow. We will ride through Tallahassee. FSU graduation is tomorrow so we might see more traffic than usual. Most of the riders are bumping to 40 miles. 🤦‍♀️ Only a handful of us are starting at the hotel and plan to ride all the miles.

I think this tour is equally taxing, both physically and mentally. You can train for the physical part, but the mental aspect is something totally different. (Just my opinion and what I’ve observed over the last 8 weeks)

The roads go on forever…🛣

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Apr 30, 2022

Can you smell the oranges 🍊yet?


Jenna David
Apr 30, 2022

Almost home!!


Apr 30, 2022

You are quite an example of determination!! Keep it up! Almost home. 👍🤗🙏

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