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Day 45: Madison to Alachua (92 miles) May 2

Another great day for a bike ride! I had an early start when the weather was cool.

I thought we had been on every kind of road passable by bike, but this morning we got a new one - packed sand. Not all of it was packed very well, and some of it had 2" gravel sprinkled on it, but we got through a couple miles of it without incident.

I haven’t mentioned dogs on my blog but there have been several moments of unleashed dogs chasing cyclists on this trip. I was chased once in Texas and several others were chased at various locations on back roads. My friend wears a dog whistle so I was fortunate that the dog chasing me stopped immediately in his pursuit.

Today, one of our cyclists was not so lucky. She was chased by two rottweilers and got bit. Twice. After falling off her bike, another cyclists came behind her and was able to help her. Our SAG vehicle took her to urgent care where she received a tetanus shot and antibiotics.

Needless to say, when the SAG vehicle is attending to an emergency, they are not available to the other riders. Fortunately, the small town of Suwanee had a fire station, Suwanee County Fire Rescue Station #5. They gave us all the water and ice we needed and let us use their restrooms. Talk about rescue!🙂

Tomorrow we ride through Gainesville then on to Palatka. The ride will be on the Gainesville-Hawthorne State Trail and the Palatka-Lake Butler State Trail.

Packed sand. A real challenge for road bikes with skinny tires!

Proceed with caution!

The roads were lined with beautiful wild flowers!

Morning mist…

Canopy trees

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