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Day 44: Quincy to Madison (89 miles) April 30

Wow! Day 44! Only 3 more riding days.

Today’s ride was one of my most favorite rides of the tour. The roads and the weather were perfect and no wind! Yes, that’s right! Some wind started at the last mile as a storm was coming in. I’m happy to say it didn’t rain on me! Some other riders got caught in thunder and lightning and were pulled off the ride.

There were small rolling hills, wild flowers lined the roads and minimal traffic. We rode through FSU campus in Tallahassee and some other small towns.

Bumping was popular this morning. Some bumped to 40 and others to 60. I think some riders have mentally checked out. The rides are mostly flat for the next 3 days. Riding conditions don’t get much better, in my opinion.

This morning, only 9 of us started from the hotel with the intent of riding all the miles. 4 got pulled off about 10 miles before the hotel in Madison because of weather. So, only 5 of us rode 89 miles.

Monday is a 91 mile day and only a 45 mile bump is being offered. It will be interesting to see how that works out! 🤔

Tomorrow is our last rest day. Good bye April!

(*Sad to hear about Naomi Judd 😢 Gone too soon. Sad day for Country Music)

There’s a storm brewing!!!

SAG van was full this morning! A lot of riders bumped the first 40-60 miles.😂 The van carries 12 bikes on the roof and 2 up front (usually the heavy touring bikes because they are too heavy to lift onto the roof)

But you know I could feel it

On a country road…(James Taylor)

My friend, Cathy, caught me taking my bags to the trailer this morning!!🤣

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1 Comment

Emily Sizemore
Emily Sizemore
May 01, 2022

Hey bag lady! Such a great picture, still smiling, I love it! You're almost there!

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